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Decisive moments by sea and shore
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Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is best known for his 1952 book, ‘The Decisive Moment’. Cartier-Bresson’s photography spanned more than seven decades of street life and political upheaval across the globe. His concept of a decisive moment is one that I believe … Read More

Sharp surprise
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Echidna Few Australian mammals are active in the daytime, preferring to do their scuttling around the landscape under the cover of night. An exception is one of the most unusual mammals in the world, the Echidna. Protected by a prickly … Read More

Duck Diving
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Musk Duck Musk Ducks don’t look or behave like other Australian ducks. Their bills are short and solid, the bulldogs of the duck world. The tail is equally distinctive, a sparsely feathered spade shaped paddle. Musk Ducks float so low … Read More

A line in the sand
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Most of my dives start and finish on the edge of a rock platform. Many prefer boat diving, but my propensity for seasickness makes that option less than appealing. Despite this preference for there is one aspect of shore diving … Read More

Shimmy and shake
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Crested Terns Terns are amongst the most elegant of birds. Long sickle-shaped wings and unhurried flight contribute to their aerial grace. Even on the ground they seem to squabble less than other seabirds, spending their time bathing, preening or sleeping … Read More

Diners on the raw prawn
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Last summer the entrance to Lake Wollamboola was closed to the sea. The backed-up waters of the lake enclosed hundreds of hectares of sunlit shallows interrupted by rafts of algae, Black Swans and Australian Pelicans. The lake was dominated by … Read More

Detour into Vic
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I spent the first half of January in southwestern Victoria, visiting family and sightseeing. It is a landscape of rolling plains and shallow wetlands and is very different to the Sydney Basin. Much of the southwest has been cleared for … Read More

Fantails in the gloom
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Sydney plays host to many summer migrants. Some species use spend our summer fattening up before returning to the northern hemisphere to breed, while others are here to raise their families. Two of my favourite summer visitors travel south to … Read More

Frogs and flies
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I opened the car door to a wave of heat. Given that it was only 8am it looked like western Sydney was in for a blistering day. Walking down the slope to Pitt Town Lagoon, I was soon joined by … Read More