Hi, my name is Gary Dunnett.

I take the photographs and write the blogs on this site, which launched in March 2015.

I grew up in the south of Sydney. Much of my childhood was spent exploring the local bush, creeks and coast.

I studied archaeology at Sydney University and the Australian National University. My professional career started with the Tasmanian Parks Service, then the Australian Heritage Commission before joining the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), where I worked for 23 years managing national parks, nature reserves and regional parks across metropolitan Sydney.

I left the NPWS at the end of 2016 to continue my passion for recording, interpreting and protecting our natural and cultural heritage.

The vast majority of my images come from easily accessible sites around Sydney. All you need to visit these places is a good pair of walking shoes or a mask, snorkel and fins.

I live on the edge of a bushland valley in southern Sydney. Sugar gliders, powerful owls and swamp wallabies are regular visitors to our garden.

It is a very rare week that doesn’t offer new experiences with local wildlife. I look forward to sharing the enjoyment those experiences bring through this site.