This site started as a weekly blog about the wildlife and natural heritage of Sydney.  I saw it as an opportunity to share my sense of amazement at the extraordinary variety of wildlife that shares the urban and natural landscapes of Sydney with more than 4 million people. The ingredients of the blog are pretty simple: it is a rare week when I don’t see some interesting wildlife action; I love the challenge of capturing images of those moments; and there is usually something in the encounter that triggers a thought or two. I get the most satisfaction out of my photography when I can see a thread of story linking the images.  The blog offers the chance to explore those threads.

My intent when starting this blog was to deliver a new post about Sydney wildlife every week. The inevitable complications of life have meant that the weekly aspiration has faltered, particularly while rebuilding a somewhat dislocated career. The focus of the blog remains the remarkable wildlife of the Sydney basin, however as I travel for work and leisure the topics have broadened.



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