Reflections on wildlife

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A year after starting this website a little reflection is unavoidable. Looking back over the topics and images in the last 67 posts I’m delighted that most have been about common species of Sydney wildlife. My objective was always to … Read More

Up close and impersonal

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Most species of wildlife are naturally wary of people. Animals that ignore bigger animals risk making the transition from wildlife to food. I mostly use a 300mm or 500mm lens for photographing wildlife, the magnifying effect of the telephoto counteracting shooting distances … Read More

Hot, with strong westerly wings

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The Sydney forecast was a bit of a shock so early in October, four days of hot westerlies producing temperatures in the mid to high thirties. I’d planned a bird watching trip to the upper Hunter Valley over the long weekend but the … Read More

Spikey pickings

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Spikey Pickings Lake Illawarra is shallow coastal lagoon just to the south of Sydney. A wonderful spot for waterbirds, I stopped near the lake entrance to stretch my legs and see what wildlife was around. There is a series of … Read More

Spring in silhouette

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Bright sunny days obscured by the smoke of the season’s first bushfires up in the Blue Mountains heralded the arrival of a new spring in Sydney. The building tempo of wildlife courtship and breeding offered another big cue for the … Read More

Wildlife on golden pond

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Over the last month I had a couple of early starts in the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens in western Sydney. In mid winter the gardens open just after dawn. That early the bushland tracks are pretty cold and dim, making the string of ponds … Read More

Life on the edge

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I find the Blue Mountains a bit challenging from a photographic perspective. My beloved 300mm telephoto is usually glued to the camera, but up in the mountains I find myself juggling between the long lens and a wide angle zoom. The 300mm … Read More

Summer in review

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Sydney summers hang on past the end of February, ignoring the official start of autumn. Daily air temperatures stay around the thirties and the water is still above the magic twenty degree mark. It is usually the end of March before temperatures … Read More