The quiet before the storm

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Predictions of another intense storm were enough to steer most people away from the coast in and around Sydney over the weekend. Notwithstanding the pessimistic predictions the reality was relatively benign on Saturday morning, when the sea was glassy smooth. … Read More

Spikey pickings

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Spikey Pickings Lake Illawarra is shallow coastal lagoon just to the south of Sydney. A wonderful spot for waterbirds, I stopped near the lake entrance to stretch my legs and see what wildlife was around. There is a series of … Read More

Spring in silhouette

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Bright sunny days obscured by the smoke of the season’s first bushfires up in the Blue Mountains heralded the arrival of a new spring in Sydney. The building tempo of wildlife courtship and breeding offered another big cue for the … Read More

A puddle full of wildlife

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I’ve always enjoyed snorkelling around tidal pools. My favourite pool is located on a sandy creek that weaves through seagrass meadows, sandflats and mangrove forest. It is a wonderful place to swim on a summer’s day, the pool warmed by water flowing … Read More

Fishy faces in the murk

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I now know what it is like to swim in a tub of vegetable soup. Exactly like last night’s dive at Shiprock Aquatic Reserve. The conditions were fine down to 5 metres, but as we headed deeper the water was full … Read More