The quiet before the storm

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Predictions of another intense storm were enough to steer most people away from the coast in and around Sydney over the weekend. Notwithstanding the pessimistic predictions the reality was relatively benign on Saturday morning, when the sea was glassy smooth. … Read More

Roaring swans

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Paddling out in the middle of Lake Wollumboola the nearest shore is a kilometre away. Hearing the dull rumble of an approaching engine I looked up expecting to see a low flying aircraft from the nearby naval base. No aircraft … Read More

Eye of the beholder

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Certain species of wildlife seem to attract universal antipathy. Centipedes and hairy spiders I can understand, but what’s the problem with Australian White Ibis? No one factor explains our aversion to ibis, but somewhere between the bald head, curved beak, untidy … Read More

Hot, with strong westerly wings

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The Sydney forecast was a bit of a shock so early in October, four days of hot westerlies producing temperatures in the mid to high thirties. I’d planned a bird watching trip to the upper Hunter Valley over the long weekend but the … Read More

Spikey pickings

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Spikey Pickings Lake Illawarra is shallow coastal lagoon just to the south of Sydney. A wonderful spot for waterbirds, I stopped near the lake entrance to stretch my legs and see what wildlife was around. There is a series of … Read More

Wildlife on golden pond

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Over the last month I had a couple of early starts in the Mount Annan Botanic Gardens in western Sydney. In mid winter the gardens open just after dawn. That early the bushland tracks are pretty cold and dim, making the string of ponds … Read More